International Workshop

Frontiers in Research on Trade Costs


Trade liberalization is essentially reducing "trade costs." However, trade costs are wide ranging and include transport costs, trade barriers, and distribution costs. These costs are related to policies covering industry and competition, environment, and growth as well as trade, as they are affected by decreases in trade costs. Therefore, we need to take trade costs into account when investigating various economic policies. In this workshop, leading researchers in the fields of trade costs presented their latest research with discussions following.


  • Time and Date: 10:00-17:50, Tuesday, August 4, 2016
  • Venue: RIETI's seminar room #1121 (METI Annex 11th floor)
  • Host(s): Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI) / Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study and JSPS KAKENHI (Grant Number 26220503)


10:00-10:10 Opening Remarks


ISHIKAWA Jota (RIETI, Hitotsubashi U.)

10:10-12:20 Session 1


ARA Tomohiro (Fukushima U.)

10:10-11:10 "Rue the ROOs: Rules of Origin and the Gains (or Losses) from Trade Agreement"

10:10-10:50 Presenter:

Alan DEARDORFF (U. of Michigan)

10:50-11:00 Discussant:

ICHIDA Toshihiro (Waseda U.)

11:00-11:10 Q&A

11:10-11:20 Break

11:20-12:20 "Multinational Firms and Export Dynamics"

11:20-12:00 Presenter:

Andreas MOXNES (U. of Oslo)
(with Anna GUMPERT and Felix TINTELNOT)

12:00-12:10 Discussant:

SUGITA Yoichi (Hitotsubashi U.)

12:10-12:20 Q&A

12:20-13:10 Lunch

13:10-17:40 Session 2


NAITO Takumi (Waseda U.)

13:10-14:10 "Currency Unions, Trade, and Heterogeneity"

13:10-13:50 Presenter:

Dennis NOVY (U. of Warwick)
(with Natalie CHEN)

13:50-14:00 Discussant:

OKUBO Toshihiro (Keio U.)

14:00-14:10 Q&A

14:10-14:20 Break

14:20-15:20 "What Goes Around Comes Around: Export-enhancing effects of import-tariff reductions"

14:20-15:00 Presenter:

(with TARUI Nori)

15:00-15:10 Discussant:

TOMIURA Eiichi (RIETI, Hitotubashi U.)

15:10-15:20 Q&A

15:20-15:30 Break

15:30-16:30 "Does Trade Liberalization with China Influence U.S. Elections?"

15:30-16:10 Presenter:

Yi LU (National U. of Singapore)
(with Yi CHE, Justin R. PIERCE, Peter K. SCHOTT and Zhigang TAO)

16:10-16:20 Discussant:

MUKUNOKI Hiroshi (Gakushuin U.)

16:20-16:30 Q&A

16:30-16:40 Break

16:40-17:40 "The Quality of Distance: Quality Sorting, Alchian-Allen Effect, and Geography"

16:40-17:20 Presenter:

TAKECHI Kazutaka (Hosei U.)

17:20-17:40 Q&A

17:40-17:50 Closing Remarks


18:15- Reception