RIETI Policy Symposium

Restructuring Japan's Employment and Labor System: Aiming for an abundance of creativity and vitality

  • Program


  • Time and Date: 13:00-18:10, April 13, 2010
  • Venue: The Tokai University Club
  • Host: RIETI


13:00 - 13:10 Opening Remarks

FUJITA Masahisa (President and CRO, RIETI/Professor, Konan University/Adjunct Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University)

13:15 - 13:40 General Overview "Reconstruction of Employment and Labor Systems: With a particular focus on the response to the employment crisis and polarization of the labor market"

TSURU Kotaro (Senior Fellow, RIETI)

13:40 - 15:15 Reports

13:40 - 14:05 Reports 1 "On the Need for Comprehensive Panel Data on the Elderly in Japan: With an evaluation based on substantiative evidence of labor policies as an example"

ICHIMURA Hidehiko (Faculty Fellow, RIETI/Professor of Economics, Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo)

14:05 - 14:30 Reports 2 "Labor, Productivity, and Economic Growth in Japan"

FUKAO Kyoji (Faculty Fellow, RIETI/Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University)

14:30 - 14:55 Reports 3"Globalization of the Economy and Domestic Employment"

TODO Yasuyuki (Faculty Fellow, RIETI/Associate Professor, Department of International Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo)

14:55 - 15:15 Q&A

15:15 - 15:35 Coffee Break

15:35 - 18:05 Panel Discussion

Moderator: HIGUCHI Yoshio (Dean and Professor, Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University)


OGINO Katsuhiko (Project General Manager, Labor Relations Div., Toyota Motor Corporation)

HASEGAWA Yuko (Executive Director, Department of Working Conditions, JTUC-RENGO)

MIZUMACHI Yuichiro (Professor, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo)

YAJIMA Yoko (Senior Researcher, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co, Ltd/Visiting Professor, Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management)

18:05 - 18:10 Closing Remarks

OIKAWA Kozo (Chairman, RIETI)