MFJ-RIETI-WASEDA International Conference

Organization and Performance: Understanding the Diversity of Firms


Various contributions, using different methodologies (e.g., productivity analysis, institutional approaches, management analyses) have recently emphasized the increasing diversity of Japanese firms in terms of performance and organization. Moreover, this increasing heterogeneity concerns firms of similar size and operating in the same environment (e.g., sector).

The purpose of this conference is, beyond the Japanese case, to gather papers which contribute to the understanding of the diversity of firms' organization and performance, from both comparative and historical perspectives.

More precisely, this workshop aims at gathering various empirical and theoretical approaches, which are concerned with this general question. A non-exhaustive list of topics, which will be considered is: heterogeneity of firms and performance (e.g., determinants of performance, correlation and causality between organization and performance, emerging new models of organization, role of institutional/regulatory environment), determinants of the evolution of the heterogeneity of firms (e.g., existence of convergence / divergence mechanisms, impact of innovation, internationalization, changing economic environment, deregulation and institutional reforms on the heterogeneity of firms), organizational diversity and institutional change (e.g., understanding the institutional change when organizations are diverse), methodology and data issues (e.g., measures of the heterogeneity of firms' performance and organization)

Please note when you register that this symposium is divided into two parts: an open part for the general public on the afternoon of November 14 (fee: ¥2000; ¥1000 for students); and a semi-open part on the morning of November 14 and all day on November 15, which is reserved for researchers and the academic community, and is free of charge.