RIETI Policy Symposium

Assessing Quality and Impacts of Major Free Trade Agreements (Handouts)

  • Time and Date:
    13:00-18:00, Thursday, March 22, 2007;
    10:00-17:10, Friday, March 23, 2007
  • Venue:
    ANA Hotel Tokyo, Galaxy Banquet Room, B1F
    12-33, Akasaka 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
  • Language:
    Japanese / English (with simultaneous interpretation)
  • Handouts (Thursday, March 22, 2007 13:00-18:00)

    Symposium Chair:
    KIMURA Takako (RIETI)
    13:00-13:10 Opening Remarks
    Part I Ex-ante (text-based) Assessment of the Quality of FTAs
    13:10-14:05 Session 1: Rules of Origin (ROO)
    13:10-13:35 Presentation: "Rules of Origin (ROO) in Free Trade Agreements"
    13:35-13:50 Discussant
    14:05-15:00 Session 2: Liberalization of Agricultural Trade
    14:05-14:30 Presentation: "Agricultural Liberalization in Free Trade Agreements"
    14:30-14:45 Discussant
    15:15-16:10 Session 3: Trade in Services
    15:15-15:40 Presentation: "Services in Free Trade Agreements"
    15:40-15:55 Discussant
    16:10-17:05 Session 4: Foreign Direct Investment
    16:10-16:35 Presentation: "An Analysis of the Restrictions on Foreign Direct Investment in Free Trade Agreements"
    16:35-16:50 Discussant
    17:05-18:00 Session 5: Safeguards
    17:05-17:30 Presentation: "On the Comparison of Safeguard Mechanisms of Free Trade Agreements"
    17:30-17:45 Discussant

    Handouts (Friday, March 23, 2007 10:00-17:10)

    Part II Ex-post Assessment of Actual Impacts of FTAs
    10:00-10:55 Session 1: Impacts on Trade Flows
    10:00-10:25 Presentation: "The Impacts of Free Trade Agreements on Trade Flows: An Application of the Gravity Model Approach"
    10:25-10:40 Discussant
    10:55-11:50 Session 2: Economic Impacts
    10:55-11:20 Presentation: "Assessing the Economic Impacts of Free Trade Agreement: A Computable Equilibrium Model Approach"
    11:20-11:35 Discussant
    13:00-13:55 Session 3: Utilization of Preferential Treatment under FTA
    13:00-13:25 Presentation: "Use of Preferential Treatment under FTAs"
    13:25-13:40 Discussant
    13:55-14:50 Session 4: Ex-post Assessment of FTAs: The Case of Japan
    13:55-14:20 Presentation: "Impact of Japanese FTAs/EPAs"
    14:20-14:35 Discussant
    Part III In Search of Desirable FTA Policies: Implications from FTA Quality Assessment and FTA Impact Studies
    15:05-17:05 Panel Discussion
    17:05-17:10 Closing Remarks:
    * The agenda is subject to change.