作者 岩本晃一(高级研究员)、波多野文(研究助手,高知工科大学)
发表日期/编号 2017年8月 17-P-029
研究课题 IoT带来的生产率革命


This paper describes the results of a study on the effect of Internet of Things (IoT) on the economy. In the seminal study, Frey & Osborne (2013) reported that 47% of the total employment in the United States is at risk of computerization. Many studies estimate how automation of work influences employment.

In Japan, however, there are few studies which investigate the effect of automation and networking on future employment. It is important to discuss this based on facts and evidence. In chapter 2, we reviewed previous studies which report results of our investigation on automation and future work. These results suggest that there is a consensus as to how automation of work affects future employment and how to prepare for future work.

In chapter 4, we introduced how Germany approached this problem; the German government is leading the Arbeiten 4.0 (Work 4.0) project.

In chapter 6, we reported the results of a case study of Japanese companies which innovate automation and networking.