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Symposiums and Workshops


July 29, 2014 New 
RIETI World KLEMS Symposium - Handouts and Video
"Growth Strategy after the World Financial Crisis"

Call for Papers


Perspectives from around the world

Holger GÖRG Olivier N. GODART Aoife HANLEY Christiane KRIEGER-BODEN

July 29, 2014  New 
"Trust-based working time spurs innovation"
Holger GÖRG (Professor of International Economics, Kiel Institute for the World Economy), Olivier N. GODART (Research fellow at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and lecturer at the Christian-Albrecht University Kiel), Aoife HANLEY (Lecturer, University of Kiel) and Christiane KRIEGER-BODEN (Researcher, Kiel Institute for the World Economy)

Newspapers & Magazines


July 25, 2014  New 
"Is Intergenerational Cooperation Possible?"
KOBAYASHI Keiichiro (Faculty Fellow, RIETI)

BBL Seminars

Christopher K. JOHNSON's Photo

July 29, 2014  New 
"Decoding 'A New Style of Great Power Relations' in U.S.-China Ties: Implications for economics and security in East Asia"
Christopher K. JOHNSON (Senior Adviser and Freeman Chair in China Studies, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS))

Latest Research/Policy Papers

Discussion Papers (full text in English)

Jul 28, 2014
"Economic Geography, Endogenous Fertility, and Agglomeration"
MORITA Tadashi (Kindai University) and YAMAMOTO Kazuhiro (Osaka University)
"Public Debt Overhang in the Heterogeneous Agent Model"
KOBAYASHI Keiichiro (Faculty Fellow, RIETI)
"There is No Natural Debt Limit with Consumption Tax"
KOBAYASHI Keiichiro (Faculty Fellow, RIETI)
Jul 25, 2014
"Information Asymmetry in SME Credit Guarantee Schemes: Evidence from Japan"
SAITO Kuniyoshi (Meiji Gakuin University) and TSURUTA Daisuke (Nihon University)
Jul 24, 2014
"How the Movement of Natural Persons Agreement Could Fuel FTAs"
KOMORIYA Yoshimasa (Chuo University)

Discussion Papers (abstract in English, text in Japanese)

Jul 2, 2014
"The Impact of Student Loan Reform on College Enrollment"
SANO Shinpei (Chiba University) and KAWAMOTO Takaaki (Hyakugo Bank)
Jun 27, 2014
"Wages, Promotions, and Gender Workplace Segregation"
HASHIMOTO Yuki (Kyushu University) and SATO Kaori (University of Tokyo)

Policy Discussion Papers (abstract in English, text in Japanese)

Jun 9, 2014
"Foreign Direct Investment in Japan: A review of the empirical literature"
KIYOTA Kozo (Faculty Fellow, RIETI)



July 28, 2014 New 
"Reconsidering the Determinants of International Labor Mobility"

ZHANG Hongyong's Photo

ZHANG Hongyong
Fellow, RIETI

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July 14, 2014 New 
"Gender diversity in management in Japan is finally emerging: Comparison with China and South Korea"

ISHIZUKA Hiromi's Photo

Professor, School of Management, Sanno University

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RIETI Highlight

RIETI Highlight vol.48 in English

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Special Contents


AMU and AMU Deviation Indicators

July 30, 2014 New 
AMU and AMU Deviation Indicators

Database Construction of the Japanese Nominal and Real Effective Exchange Rates by Industry

July 30, 2014 New 
Database Construction of the Nominal and Real Effective Exchange Rates by Industry of Japan, Korea, and China


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