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Emerging Economies

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The contents of the Issues section is no longer being updated.

Discussion Papers

"Technocracy in Indonesia: A Preliminary Analysis"
by Takashi Shiraishi (Faculty Fellow, RIETI / National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
March 2006

"The Asian Crisis Reconsidered"
by SHIRAISHI Takashi, Faculty Fellow, RIETI
March 2005

"Japanese Companies Operating in South Vietnam"
by SEKI Mitsuhiro, Faculty Fellow, RIETI
July 2004

Policy Symposium, etc

BBL Seminars

"India and a Resurgent Asia"
by Aftab SETH, Former Ambassador of India to Japan / Professor, and Director of Global Security Research Institute, Keio University
November 17, 2005

Fellows' Works

"Will India Replace China as a Major Recipient of Japanese Investment? - China's predominance remains firm"
by Chi Hung KWAN, Consulting Fellow, RIETI
China in Transition, November 28, 2006

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