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TANAKA Ayumu Photo
Research Associate
Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, Setsunan University


    International trade, Cultural economics


    2010 Ph.D., Economics, Kyoto University
    2007 M.A., Economics, Kyoto University
    2005 B.A., Economics, Kyoto University


    2013 Research Associate, RIETI
    2010 Fellow, RIETI

    Selected Publications and Papers

    "Firm Productivity and the Number of FDI Destinations: Evidence from a Non-parametric Test," Economics Letters, Vol. 117, No.1, pp.1-3, 2012.

    Working Papers
    "The Causal Effects of Exporting on Japanese Workers: A Firm-Level Analysis," RIETI Discussion Paper, No. 12-E-017, March 2012, pp.1-27.

    "Multinationals in the Services and Manufacturing Sectors: A Firm-level Analysis using Japanese Data," RIETI Discussion Paper, No.11-E-059, July 2011, pp.1-44.

    "Heterogeneity and the Structure of Exports and FDI: A Cross-industry Analysis of Japanese Manufacturing," RIETI Discussion Paper, No.11-E-001, January 2011, pp.1-30.

    "The Internationalization of Japanese Firms: New Findings Based on Firm-Level Data," RIETI Discussion Paper, No.08-E-036, October 2008, pp.1-37 (with Ryuhei Wakasugi, Yasuyuki Todo, Hitoshi Sato, Shuichiro Nishioka, Toshiyuki Matsuura, and Banri Ito).

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